The Scrappy Tribune Image Use Policies

First, we appreciate everyone's support of The Scrappy Trib


Denver Athletes and Parents 2017-2018 and some of 2019 event images are only available from Smith Studio special pricing will be provided by purchasing prints from Deb Smith ( Denver Athletes only )

Sharing of images and downloading for personal use has become the norm, especially with social media use and, in regards to Scrappy Trib images, we encourage it.

We support the athletes, parents and school systems we shoot images of, and will strive to only display images of athletes, fans, and coaches in the best light possible.

If you have a reason to have any image removed from our archives please let us know. - Click Here

If you have a valid reason for us to not shoot images of you or your athlete please let us know - Click Here

Yes you can ! Sharing or public displaying of our images on your website or social pages: ( see below )

1) - Please display full image that was originally published unaltered with copyright notice displayed.
2) - Images can be used and or displayed / printed / published for personal use projects.

No sales or use of images for commercial use, without express written permission from The Scrappy Trib

If you are in question of what is commercial use, please contact us before using images so we can give you our guidelines.

What is (Fair use ) defined by the USA Gov. Copyright Office - Click Here


Thank you again, and we appreciate your support.

Sean Kiefer

updated 2-12-19