** This project is presented by Denver Savings Bank - Denver Iowa along with our associate sponsors, the Denver Iowa Schools, Athletes, Families and communities we interact with make this project possible,  Thank you

My name is Sean Kiefer, owner and reporter of and for the Scrappy Tribune.

The Scrappy Trib was founded in 2017 when I Sean Kiefer, student at Denver Iowa Community Schools was starting the 8th grade year. As the grandson of journalist Gene Erb, who reported for the Des Moines Register & Tribune for nearly 30 years, I named this new project after the nickname for the paper…“The Scrappy Trib”. The entire Kiefer family now supports the efforts of The Scrappy Trib and continues to grow the value and support of the community.

The goal of The Scrappy Trib is to document, share and promote the Greater Denver Iowa Community. We feel Denver Iowa is a true gem that has the opportunity to provide a shining example of what a small Iowa community can become. With coverage of school sports, music, community projects, events and organizations, we strive to provide the best insight into the magic that is the Denver Iowa Community!

We appreciate the support from all of the coaches for the sports we’ve covered and will continue to keep the Scrappy Trib updated regularly and will always be improving it.

At 12 years old I Sean Kiefer started The Scrappy Trib an online news outlet in late August 2017.

Here are some of the areas I am focusing our efforts on:

Sports reporting / photography
Image Color Correcting
Image Database management
Website management

I understand that this project will take some real effort, time and investment on my part, and I am fully committed to making it happen.
The Scrappy Trib sponsors and readers play active role in guiding and advising Scrappy Trib's growth.

Thank you for your support


Sean Kiefer

The Scrappy Trib