Denver Iowa Cyclones – job well done

After receiving a first round bye, the Denver Cyclones Baseball Team got to rest up for their game against the winner of the Hudson versus Aplington Parkersburg game. Hudson defeated Aplington-Parkersburg 7-2 and took the spot of the away team against Denver on July 14th. Denver and Hudson were close early on in the game, but after Denver’s offense saw a breakthrough, they went on a tear for the rest of the game that downed the Pirates.

In the first inning, the Pirates struck quickly. With #14 Braden Powers pitching for the Cyclones, the Pirates were able to draw a few walks that put runners on the bases for #10 Caleb Ham to single and score a run to make the score 1-0 in Hudson’s favor. #30 Jacob Wiersma pitched for the pirates and kept the Cyclones contained offensively for a couple of innings. The Pirates would score again after #30 Jacob Wiersma hit a groundout that brought #17 Cole Shepard scored and made the score 2-0 with the pirates up. The Cyclones bats would start to come alive in the bottom of the third, starting with #12 Trevan Reiter’s bunt that he stole to third base off of and ending with #11 Bryce Phelp’s sacrificial fly that brought Reiter in to shrink the deficit to 2-1 in Hudson’s favor.

#14 Braden Powers on the mound and the Cyclone defense behind him would suppress the Hudson offense, preventing any scoring from them or any hits from happening. The Cyclones offense would keep the scoring up in the bottom of the 4th after #12 Trevan Reiter hit a single that brought in #5 Layne Fober and #4 Kaden Miller and made the score 3-2 with Denver now ahead. #17 Luke Prendergast would steal home while the Hudson defense was focused on #12 Trevan Reiter stealing 2nd, which made the score 4-2 in Denver’s favor. #14 Braden Powers followed this up with a single that brought in #12 Trevan Reiter and made the score 5-2 and ended the Cyclones scoring for the inning.

The Pirates offense was suppressed by Denver’s strong defense throughout the later innings of the game, making a comeback for them hard. In the bottom of the 5th, the Cyclones would start scoring yet again. After the bases were loaded after #5 Layne Fober and #4 Kaden Miller singled and #17 Luke Prendergast was hit by a pitch, another run was scored, as #12 Trevan Reiter was hit by a pitch that made the score 6-2. An error that followed this brought in another run and made the score 7-2 with Denver ahead. #14 Braden Powers would bring in the last 2 runners on base with a single that made the score 9-2. The Cyclones would score their last runs in the bottom of the 6th with a run brought in from a single by #17 Luke Prendergast and 2 runs brought in by #14 Braden Powers single to make the final score of 12-2.

In a post game interview with Cyclone Varsity Baseball Coach Dustin Rewerts, he said, “We did pretty good with getting bunts in and down and when we get the ball down and make the other defense make plays we’re pretty good.” He added, “That’s what got us going in the third inning, putting the ball down and stealing some bases.”

The Cyclones will play Dike-New Hartford Wolverines on July 18th at 7 p.m. in Dike, Iowa.

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