#2 Emily Herbst
Denver Cyclone #2 Emily Herbst

This summer sports season has definitely been a unique situation for all those involved – parents, fans, players, etc. In early June, the Denver Lady Cyclones reformed their softball team and prepared themselves for the upcoming crammed summer Covid-19 softball schedule. After having a 7-5 regular season, the ladies looked to extend their winning ways to the post season. However, this would not happen. The ladies would fight a defensive battle with Osage, but after Osage got a break on offense that Denver did not, the Green Devils pulled ahead and locked down for the win.

In the first few innings, both teams played a very defensive style of softball. #44 Sydney Eggena pitched and led Denver while #22 Ashley Halbach pitched and led the Osage Green Devils. Each pitcher collected many strikeouts and didn’t allow many, if any hits in the early innings. All the way into the bottom of the 5th is when the first runs would be put on the board. Osage started their run by getting #13 Emma Grimm on base with a single and #26 Ashylnn Brock on base with a hit by pitch. After a dropped pitch, both runners advanced to scoring position, bringing them both in when #22 Ashley Halbach hit a double that brought them both in and made the score 2-0 in Osage’s favor. The Cyclones would get the bases loaded in the next inning with #11 Reese Johnson hitting a single, #9 Morgan Smith hitting a single, and #25 Chardonnay Hubert hitting a single. However, the runners would be left on after the Osage defense held the field down well and prevented any scoring from happening. After this inning, the Osage defense sealed the game by have a 1-2-3 inning in the top of the 7th to give the green devils a close win of 2-0 over the Denver Cyclones.

In a post game interview with Cyclone Varsity Softball Coach Dani Gordon, she said: “The ladies came out with the intensity and were ready to play, we just weren’t there on offense.” She added, “We played well on defense with only a few hiccups, but that’s expected.”

This year, the Denver ladies had 2 seniors, #17 Natalie Harberts, and #5 Jaden McMahon. These two ladies committed greatly to the team overall and were awesome mentors and examples for the younger players throughout their senior season. They have been with the program through thick and thin and we want to congratulate them on finishing high school ball and thank them for all the good memories and talent they brought to the team. In addition, we’d like to thank and congratulate all the other ladies for playing their hearts out on the field and giving it their all everytime they stepped out onto the diamond. Thank you parents and supporting figures for helping make this season possible for the ladies and spectators, this wouldn’t have been possible without you. Lastly, thank you to the wonderful coaching staff. Assistant coaches Jill Nuss and Megan Brunscheon and head coach Dani Gordon were always there for the ladies and helped them grow as softball players and as young ladies in general throughout the season. These coaches run their program very well and have always had a great attitude, no matter the situation. Thank you Denver Iowa softball, congratulations on the team and energy you have created.

*special note – Thanks again to the Osage School administration and coaches for the hospitality you provide when we visit, Great game, hats off Green Devil ladies and good luck on the road to Ft. Dodge.

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