Denver Cyclone #4 Kaden Miller

With the post season just around the corner, the Denver Cyclones baseball team and Columbus had one last regular season game before their roads to state. On July 10th, the Denver Cyclones took on the Columbus Sailors in one last regular season game before the postseason. The Cyclones showed a formidable offense and defense on the field, especially late in the game, which led to their victory of 7-3.

In the first few innings, the Cyclones and Sailors went back and forth, with #6 Cale Neundorf leading the Cyclone defense and #24 John Rausch leading the Sailor defense on the mound. The first big hits weren’t made until the bottom of the second inning, when #8 Joe Dunlay brought in a run with his single that made the score 1-0 in Columbus’s favor. The Sailors would add to this lead in the next inning after #20 Connor Knudtson singled and stole his way all around the bases, including home, making the score 2-0 with the sailors up. The Cyclones would turn the tides in the top of the 4th when their offense started to pick up the pace. #11 Bryce Phelps would be the Cyclones first run of the night after he doubled and was advanced to third by #7 Nathan Eggena’s bunt and stole home. #5 Layne Fober would bring in another run with a bunt that brought in #7 Nathan Eggena and made the score tied at 2 apiece. #21 Will Curtis would gain the lead for the Cyclones after a double that brought in #5 Layne Fober and made the score 3-2 with the Cyclones ahead.

The Sailors and Cyclones would exchange a few more empty innings until the Sailors tied it up in the bottom of the 6th. After a pitching change to #1 Colton Reiter for the Cyclones, the Cyclones were looking to seal the game. However, after #8 Joe Dunlay for the Sailors advanced his way around to third and after a balk was called on Reiter, a run was awarded to the sailors and tied the game up at 3. However, the Cyclones would seal the game in the top of the 7th inning with a big offensive run. #1 Colton Reiter would score the first run of the inning with a sacrificial fly that would bring in #21 Will Curtis and make the score 4-3. #11 Bryce Phelps would follow this up with a single that brought in #12 Trevan Reiter and made the score 5-3 with the Cyclones up 5-3. #6 Cale Neundorf would score the final 2 runs for the Cyclones with a double that made the final score 7-3 for the Cyclones. The Sailors would fail to comeback, resulting in a Cyclone win.

In a post-game interview with Cyclone Varsity Baseball Coach Dustin Rewerts, he said, “It was good to get one more game in before the end of the season; we won against Jesup the other night and against Columbus tonight.” He added, “It’s not even the fact about winning, more so how we played.”

*special note, Thank you to Columbus Catholic Sailors coaches, athletes and fans for always welcoming us treating us well when we visit.

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