Cyclone catcher #1 Colton Reiter

During the hot and humid summer evening of June 29th, the Denver Cyclones Baseball Team took on the Sumner-Fredericksburg (combined with Tripoli) team. This was a very rapidly changing game, one that mainly started out slow but picked up pace quickly, especially for the Cyclones offense.

In the first inning, #5 Layne Fober was pitching for the Cyclones on the mound. The Cougars offense struck quickly, as after the Cougars got a runner on base, #2 Connor Piehl hit a double that brought the runner in to make the score 1-0 in Sumner’s favor. After a fly out, Piehl advanced and after an error, Piehl scored to make the score 2-0. After Sumner recorded out number 3, the Cyclones got their turn to put points on the board with #2 Connor Piehl pitching. #7 Nathan Eggena was the first runner to get on base for the Cyclones after his bunt single. Eggena stole his way around the bases, until he caught the Cougars off guard and stole home to make the score 2-1. Following this, after #17 Luke Prendergast and #5 Layne Fober were walked and in scoring position, #4 Kaden Miller hit a double that brought them both in to make the score 3-2 with Denver in the lead.

To start the second inning, Sumner tied the game up after #9 Kelby Olson singled to make the score 3-3. After this, the Cyclones would turn the tides of the game and go on an offensive tear. Denver utilized good batters’ eyes to avoid strikeouts and draw 6 walks total in the inning. After 3 straight walks, #17 Luke Prendergast brought in 2 runners with a single to make the score 5-3 with Denver up. #7 Nathan Eggena stole home again, and after another 3 straight walks, the Cyclones were up 7-3. #6 Cale Neundorf and #14 Braden Powers each brought in a runner to put the Cyclones up another two runs to make the score 9-3. After steals from #21 Will Curtis and #14 Braden Powers, the Cyclones scored their final two runs of the second to make the score 11-3. After this, the game was sealed for the Cyclones, and after this inning various runs were scored from both teams to make the final score 15-4 after 5 innings.

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